Fishing Forecast: Texas Summer

November 15, 2019


Fishing Forecast: Texas Summer

Mid-May through August

In the middle of May, the infamous croaker hit the bait stands. It is about to be full-on trout time. We are usually fishing for trout first and redfish or drum after. Average size of trout early in croaker season are 17-20 inches but we regularly see them over 20 inches as well. Croaker are usually in full-swing by the end of May and all baits are good size.

June is the best trout month of the year in my opinion, with regards to both size and numbers. It is important to remember when catching lots of trout in a day that it’s quite alright to release fish over 20 inches and keep fish under 20 inches. Fish over 20 inches are generally female and many of these fish are still carrying eggs that they need to lay over the summer. Even if they are not holding eggs, these are the fish that sustain our population. There are naturally more males than females so keeping smaller fish that are likely males helps to keep the population healthy. 

By early July, we see most trout are between 15 and 18 inches. Trout will stay consistent through July.  Redfish on the other hand seem to become less abundant in June, July, and August.  We tend to see less of them starting towards the end of May to the middle of June. We still catch them, sometimes limits, but as we get into summer you see less limits and smaller numbers. 

In other words, focus on the AMAZING trout options and tap into the redfish as a secondary goal.