Fishing Forecast: Texas Fall

November 15, 2019


End of August/September through November

Late summer to fall is an interesting time. It’s still hot and soon the trout will slow their croaker intake. It’s year to year when these things actually happen, sometimes it’s earlier and other times it’s later. I have had great success with croaker well into September, but I don’t feel that that is the norm. As we get into September, shrimp and mullet are the meal ticket again; trout take a backseat to reds and drum. We will be throwing live and dead shrimp for drum and redfish as well as different types of cut bait for redfish. It’s about this time when the tides start to rise. Trout don’t seem to be as active which is quite alright because we have been punishing them all summer long and I am always ready for this change. The in-between time can be a little slow, but that usually doesn’t last long.  Redfish and black drum go crazy this time of year.   After a few fronts the water temps will drop and your odds of catching a mixed bag like trout, redfish, and drum will increase to a more regular basis.