Fishing Forecast: Texas Spring

November 15, 2019


Fishing Forecast: Texas Spring

Mid-March to Mid-May

It’s time! By now it is mid-March, cold fronts are still coming, but average temperatures are rising. Fish primarily eat smaller meals in colder weather, it is much easier to digest. Large fish may still take large baits, but one large bait can sustain a fish for a long time. Afternoons are typically good this time of year as the water warms, the fish do as well. Redfish will start taking cut mullet and perch instead of mainly shrimp. The average water levels rise, with increased south winds. Once this happens, it is time for shrimp and corks and cut bait! Rising water temps and levels means our favorite fishy friends are going from a low-calorie diet to all out gorging at times. Mixed catches (trout, redfish, and drum) will be consistent almost to mid-June.