Fall Fishing in South Texas

September 18, 2019


Fall is just around the corner and dove season is officially here in South Texas. As a fishing guide, I love the north winds associated with early fall fishing. It is usually the beginning of September when we start to see a lack of interest in croaker by trout but that is quite alright since we have been hammering the spotted ones all summer long. For those of us in outboards, the start of fall means substantial changes. Over the coming weeks, redfish will start to move over shallow shell as our low summer tides give way to rising fall tides due to the earth’s tilt and low pressure systems in the Gulf of Mexico. Redfish and drum will take center stage as fall arrives. I expect good trout mixed in, but fall fishing is all about redfish and drum. We will be using live and dead shrimp as well as mullet, shad, and cracked crab for redfish. 

Are y’all ready for fall too? The Texas Coast is the perfect place for you to be so click below and schedule your fall fishing trip now!